Posted: Friday, September 21, 2007 by Abhishek Krishnan in

Do you make international calls from your phone and at the end of the month, you are totally amazed when you get your bill?? Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore cause Pingo gives you the cheapest phone card. You can now speak to your loved ones and you can go on and on because of the kind of offers that are given for you by Pingo. You guys can sign up for Pingo and receive FREE CALLS worth $8. Pingo can also be used to call US and other selected countries. Just go ahead and call United States!!

You will receive up to 5 hours in your global phone card just for signing up for Pingo. You can receive a special phone card blog discount coupon which is valid for $3 wherein you receive a $25 phone card for just $17. The coupon code is 'ppp3'

There are various plans available for you to choose from:

  • Pingo Business and Family plan which has no equipment to purchase and provides you with easy billing and management with amazing savings.
  • Pingo Rate Watcher that saves you from the hassle of digging through prepaid calling cards to see if you are getting really low phone card rate.
  • Pingo Mobile that’s saves up to 90% on your international calls
  • Get $15 for each new customer you refer!!

You definitely can trust Pingo’s reliable network which delivers over 1.1 billion international phone card minutes a month.