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software as a service (SaaS) by Phase 2 is here to spend time getting to know your business. Phase2Int makes sure that every software application that you use is perfectly customized to accelerate your company’s success.

The advantage of not owning the software and renting out and using that software from Phase 2 saves on hardware, software purchase and updates, support stuff, power, security devices, remote access devices and lots of other things.

Your choice of application(s) can be available to all your team members within hours through Phase 2, compared to months with a physical installation. All you need is Internet access and you are ready to get workers from multiple office locations, on the road or at home who can use the same essential documents, data and tools.

You just have to try and see how SaaS with PHASE 2 is a better way to use software. Phase 2 offers a 30-day, money back guarantee, and full support teams that enable you to be productive within minutes.


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Researchers from Japan have developed a rubber that is able to conduct electricity well, paving the way for robots with stretchable "e-skin" that can feel heat and pressure like humans.

The material overcomes the problems faced by metals -- which are conductive but do not stretch – which is the first in the world to overcome the problem and rubber, which hardly transmits electricity, according to the team at the University of Tokyo. The new technology is flexible like ordinary rubber but boasts conductivity some 570 times as high as commercially available rubbers filled with carbon particles. If used as wiring, the material can make elastic integrated circuits (ICs), which can be stretched to up to 1.7 times their original size.

One application of the material would be artificial skin on robots as robots enter our everyday life; they need to have sensors everywhere on their bodies like humans. Imagine they bump into babies. Robots need to feel temperatures, heat and pressure like we do to co-exist. Otherwise it would be dangerous. It was also said that the new material could be used on the surface of steering wheels, which would analyze perspiration, body temperature and other data of the driver and judge whether he or she is fit enough to drive or it could be used on top of a mattress for bed-ridden people, watching if some parts of the body were under constant pressure and tilting the bed to change the patient's posture to prevent bedsores

House Plans and Designs

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Are you looking to live in your dream home, but do not know how to go about it? Well, here is someone who has a goal to help you find your dream home plan that incorporates every architectural design feature you need to make your new home highly functional for your lifestyle.

All you have to do is to go to the House Plans and More website where you will see offers for a wide variety of home building resources and helpful tools which is organized to make your home plan search simple and easy. We can meet all of your home plan needs regardless of your budget due to the wide array of home styles and sizes we have to choose from.

Also check out the household project plans section that includes several hundred do-it-yourself projects. The project plan collection includes garage plans, shed plans, backyard project plans, and plans for other great project plans for your home.

Maple Phone

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Check out the new Maple phone which is made out of African Blackwood, which comes in the dimensions of 4.5 x 10.4 x 9.8 cm. It’s loaded with those common features found on today’s cellphones, such as MP3 player, digital camera, and obviously the basic functions like calling and texting.

When it gets your first touch while being at the off state, it’ll turn itself on, light up all those touch-sensitive buttons and become ready waiting for your next inputs. The Maple phone is said to use the capacitive touch technology. The price could be cheaper than any other average cellphones, since it’s made of wood.

Check your Bills IQ now!!

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Do you want to know if you are financially fit? Well, here is a way you can find out. It’s the BillsIQ test which tells you if you are financially fit and if not, it helps you to keep yourself financially healthier and ways to improve you final score.

When I took the Bills IQ test, my score was close to 65% which means that I need some help.

The test basically asks you to answer various questions about how you pay your bills and what is the amount of debt you have. By paying off high interest credit cards first you could be closer to achieve Debt relief.

Bills IQ had some great suggestions on how to turn around the miserable score. As of now, things are financially tight and I did learn that there has to be a plan for my finances which should not only be a “mental plan” but should have a budget of some sort which gives me a better grip over my financial future.

You may have an overwhelming credit card debt or may have recently bought a house. Whatever it is, if you want to become financially fit and see how you score on the Bills IQ test head over to their website and see for yourself!


The Jetpack!

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This is the Jet Pack!!! This is not exactly a jet pack, cause they do not involve jets but it is done using two gasoline-fueled 200 HP fans, which believe it or not, makes the jet pack louder than a jet plane.

The reason why this is the safest jetpack is because of the fact that there is a lack of flaming afterburners. Another standard safety feature would definitely be the built-in parachute

For all you know, we might see the sky filled with jet packers and everybody flying jet packs around.

The Police Gear site

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Here is a site that is of great help and enables all policemen who need their equipment to enrich their knowledge about police gear. Most of you might have watched CSI where they show how the technique team can solve some crimes. You might have checked out the equipment, sophisticated flashlights, great hats, extraordinary glasses and other equipments they have and might want to own some of those equipments. Check out the website where you get stuff like tactical that helps in protecting lives.


The Hacked!

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Some of you may feel that USB drives should not be used for sensitive data because they can be easily misplaced and are likely to end up in wrong hands. Now, here is The Hacked! drive, designed by Windell Oskay is one piece of storage which no one would take a second glance at other than out of sheer curiosity.

Hacked maybe the most efficient method of data security available. It is actually 2 GB and the reason why nobody would like to steal it is because it looks nothing more than a slashed cable! It just looks nothing more than a piece of junk.

The Hacked! gadget should remain safe from dirty fingers. Feel free to include any sort of sensitive info you desire.

Tiga Dua Cellular

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Check out TigaDuaCellular, a retailer with the cheapest electronics on the internet. Basically, is an online electronics and gadgets retailer with an aim to supply you the cheapest electronics online.

TigaDuaCellular is an online shop with high technology products that is owned by PO Tiga Dua Cellular. The main goal of this company is to sell online high technology products to a wide range of customers. The customers have full selection of PDA and smart phones to a full selection of GPS, digital cameras and MP3 players, in all kind of models and brands. Another reason as to why you have to go for Tiga Dua Cellularis because they provide the customers with prices which are close to those who are on wholesale. The main goal of Tiga Dua Cellular is to maintain a friendly atmosphere and offer high quality products with excellent service in hopes of exceeding the customer’s expectations.

Solar Energy cutains

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Solar energy is one of the best ways to get energy from a natural resource. Imagine this: you want to block out light by using semi-transparent curtains because its too hot outside and you want to keep your home cool. You can have solar panels on the roof that power your air conditioning when it’s a hot day which is an easy way to use renewable energy without having you to get up and switch on the AC on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Host a website today!

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Are you looking for a web hosting provider that offers you amazing web site hosting service packages?? First of all, for those of you who do not know what web hosting is:
web site hosting is an online storage service for information, images, video, or any content accessible through the Web on Internet servers. A Web hosting service is necessary to show your Web site content to visitors who type in your domain name.
Here is Network Solutions that is a reliable web hosting provider. You'll get secure, reliable Web hosting service on our servers scripting and database functionality offering three different types of web site hosting service packages.

  • Standard web hosting
  • Advanced web hosting
  • Pro web hosting

When you choose Network Solutions as your website host, you’ll get the space and bandwidth you need, in addition to a free domain name, 99.9% uptime and 24/7 customer support. The best part is that you can choose a package to meet your requirements now and later on you can easily upgrade to a lager package later.
Here are some of the things that the packages offer:

  • More disk spaces, e-mailboxes, bandwidth and services.
  • FREE website address
  • 24/7 real person customer service
  • Database functionality
  • Website traffic reports
  • 30-day limited money-back guarantee

Bigha starseeker chair

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The Bigha starseeker chair is something you will definitely want to own that can turn 360° via a computer-controlled DC motor. This chair provides support for your entire body, is counter weighted by mounting bars which hold your choice of binoculars, gives instant control of speed and direction with a convenient joystick that lets you quickly select and view any object with a built-in green laser and can be taken anywhere with it's portable design. This chair is perfect for the star gazers and alien lovers.


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Sometime back IZEA came up with SocialSpark alpha and now they have reached their beta stage which is available to the public which means anyone can sign-up for it. IZEA is the company that came out with PayPerPost.

The best part about SocialSparl is that it allows you to communicate with fellow bloggers through boards that are available to all the bloggers and advertisers who sign up with SocialSpark via its message center which is very helpful for many bloggers as well as advertisers. SocialSpark is yet another social networking site with which you can accept or reject friend requests as well as communicate with their costumer service from there. Further, you can manage comments and feedbacks left by other fellow members.

For the opportunities that are closed, you will be able to “request a slot” with which you go in a queue and once the opportunity re-opens you will be notified via e-mail. Once you reserve a slot and from the time the opportunity is available you have 12 hours to complete it. But, somehow if you manage to miss this you will be able to re-reserve before the expiration.

Bonuses are given to those who write their sponsored posts well with efforts and time put into it. The idea is to create a win-win situation for both the bloggers as well as the advertisers. The quality of such posts increase return on investments for advertisers and in turn, more opportunities with higher pay would be available for bloggers.


Mask Of Emotion

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Technology could forever change the way we process our feelings. The Mask Of Emotion exchanges facial expressions for digital emotions. If you weren’t easy to read before, now people should have no problems discerning your emotion.

Digital Media Design Department at Hongik University in Korea have designed the Mask Of Emotion that mimics your facial expressions and translates them into LED pixel emoticons. If you frown, the mask changes the LED design to a slanted frown as it sees fit. The future of human psycology in relation to technology is such an interesting fact to contemplate

Learn about RFID

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Interested in doing a course on Radio Frequency Identification Technology, then you definitely need to check out the latest version of Abhisam software course on RFID. Radio Frequency Identification is an automatic identification method, relying on storing and remotely retrieving data using devices called RFID tags. RFID is currently used widely all around the world and here are a few uses: Passports, transportation payments, product tracking, animal identification, inventory systems, libraries, museums etc. This is one of the E- learning courses that makes RFID very easy to learn and in an easily understandable language. The RFID training course gives the learner an option of taking an online test to get a certificate. Now learn all about RFID which is available for download at an affordable price of $100 US. This course is downloadable to a PC and you can work straight from your desk whenever you want, so go ahead and start your course today!

Its Airbags everywhere!!

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Toyota Gosei creates 360 degree airbags!!

Yup, you heard it right, Toyota Gosei is now out with 360 degree airbags plus one on the outside protecting the pedestrian from being squished if they were smashed by the car! The car has airbags at the side of the car, both front and back protecting the passengers from any form of injury in the event of a nasty collision of any sort.

There are two cushions on the hood which protects the pedestrian’s head and their waist. The system also comes with an inbuilt radar and camera for pedestrian detecting.

Get rid of termite infestations today!

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My roommates and I were really worried about our termite infested living room until we found this guide to getting rid of termite infestations. Now, i am sure I will not have termites again in my apartment. If you someday think “What am I gonna do when I have termites at my place”, there is nothing to worry because you can get rid of them real quick.


World's Smallest Camcorder

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Check out the Panasonic SDR-S10 which is the world’s smallest Camcorder. This is one stylish looking camcorder with which you can easily shoot all your precious moments. You might want to check out the features of this piece:

  • Measures: 1.2 x 2.5 x 4.5 inches
  • 10x optical zoom
  • 2.5 inch LCD
  • Ability to record SD/SDHC

OpticsPlanet - Work to do this summer!

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Here is a site that can take care of your summer hobbies and for those you who do not like astronomy, bird watching and hunting, I am sure you’ll think twice after reading this. Have fun this summer with opticsplanet which is the web’s best destination for all hobby related products. You can choose from a huge collection of riflescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, night vision, telescopes, rangefinders, laser sights, flashlights, Tripods, radar guns, digital camera binoculars and a lot more. Leupold, Nikon, EOTech, Burris, Bushnell, Celestron, Tasco, ATN, Bolle, Serengeti and Pelican are the kind of brands that opticsplanet carry. So go ahead and find out what is in store for you this summer!!


Sudoku Glass Tabletop set

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You wake up in the morning searching for a pen and the sudoku puzzle book as you sip on your coffee? You don’t need to do that anymore because the Sudoku Glass Tabletop set is here with a very attractive glass board, glass numbered pieces and compact size.

If you want to learn the game, then this gadget is an awesome purchase because it has everything you need to start to learn the game of Sudoku. You have four copies of one hundred different puzzles at three various levels of difficulty, a sand timer, a black leather carrying case for storage and puzzle solutions as well.

Buying Used Cars Online

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I recently bought a used cars for myself and trust me buying a car is a huge investment and it is very important to do a little bit of research work to make sure you get a car that is truly your money’s worth. You might want to ask a few questions to yourself like:

  • How many miles am I willing to have on your car?
  • What type of vehicle am I looking to buy?
  • What are the features I want in a used car?

After you have answered a few questions like these, you should be in a pretty good position to start looking for deals on used car websites. This can not only provide you with what a good price is for the car you are looking for but can also be a great place to purchase your car once you have decided on one you like. While you are looking online, beware of a price that seems too good to be true. It probably is and a low sales price could mean that the car is not in good condition and will end up costing you much more money later on. You might want to keep in mind that while buying a second-hand car online, make sure you go through a reputable company so that you know who you are dealing with.

Dyson's transparent toaster

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You are running late for work and you have gotta have your breakfast real quick. You put the bread into the toaster and go into your room to pack your bag and when you get back you see your bread is still in the toaster. You end up not having breakfast cause the ended up in the dustbin cause it was burnt!! Maybe its time to buy a new toaster for your kitchen. The Dyson transparent toaster is what your kitchen wants so that you can have your breakfast everyday before you get to work.

Police gear

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So you always wanted to grow up to be a cop and always wanted to wear all the cool police gear?? Then you might want to check out the 511 Shorts and also some other cool stuff you might definitely want to shop. This particular item is a pair of 511 Tactical shorts which is specially designed to carry bulky items and to remain durable. This special purpose-built short has a double fabric in the seat and thirty-six bartacks at stress points for superior strength. Along with all this you have amazing offers like free shipping, free return shipping and you also get a free hat!!

Scanners that can see through your clothes!

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Nobody can escape from the millimeter wave scanner. The Transportation Security Administration has announced that it will begin a run of pilot test of millimeter wave scanning technology at Los Angeles International Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). These scanners enable TSA personnel to see concealed weapons and other items that may be hidden beneath clothes, a thought that will come across as uncomfortable to some folk. The first pilot test began in October at Phoenix Sky-Harbor International Airport last year, and TSA Administrator Kip Hawley has given reassurances that the agency’s main goal is to protect passenger privacy without storing any potentially revealing body scans. It’s their word that ordinary folk like you and I have to trust, so I guess it is time to hit the treadmill unless TSA employees want to throw up their lunch after seeing my six pack rolled into one.


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Check out YawpBox which is a brand new video uploading site that I have seen in a long time. Has some entertaining content that you will definitely love since there are challenges that are issued by the hosts, Lex and Terry, and the challenges are very generic. There are a few interesting challenges like recreating movie scenes.

The Lex and Terry challenge is a "homework assignment" that users can participate in and make use of their talent. Some of the categories in the past included:

  • Yawp Extreme: Do The Most Extreme Thing & You Can Get On TV!
  • Put Me on YawpBox TV! Do Whatever You Can To Be A Star

There are lots more that you can check out which I am sure you will love them after watching them. I saw a few and I didn’t even realize that a couple of hours had passed. Some are just hilarious.

The challenges that are issue are the real entertainment. Every week they create a topic and a challenge that is open to anyone. It can be something like reenacting a favorite movie scene and filming it. You just follow the guidelines and share it. Some of the things the average person comes up with are amazing.


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LG’s PRADA KE850 is now out which is LG’s new touch screen technology which has a fancy silver leather case and earphones as well. The PRADA phone by LG also comes with a QWERTY keyboard which acts as an additional option when inputting text.

The Prada KE850 weighs 85g, is 12mm thick which is a bit thicker than the Apple iPhone and boasts an extra wide LCD for all that touchy-feely goodness. The screen offers a decent resolution of 400 x 240 pixels widescreen and the in-built 2MP camera can record video at 30fps. There’s no doubt it’s pretty but it’s not 3G and has no Internet capabilities which is fine for those that don’t want the world crammed into a single device.

Salon Grafix

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There was a time week when I had no time to wash my hair because I had so much of pending work and assignments and project to work on. That was the time I really wanted something like the dry shampoo that is used just by spraying it on your hair and then you just have to brush it out.

I remember this other instance where I was stuck at the airport and my flight was delayed due to bad weather. I had to really wash my hair because it was a real mess. That was the time where I wished I had some shampoo with me. Salon Grafix is now at our rescue at such situations because it has a color match formula for blondes, brunettes, the black shades and the silver shades. You will find that it brushes out very easily that leaves your hair clean and shiny.

Salon Grafix could be sprayed quickly and it easily cleans and revitalizes your hair. The best part is that it does all this without the help of water. This is something that will definitely help frequent travelers. It’s definitely a great idea to give Salon Grafix a shot if you are trying for a new look!!

Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse

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So, are you a hardcore PC gamer?? You will definitely love this Sidewinder mouse from Microsoft which has a resolution of up to 2000dpi and interchangeable teflon feet for a smoother glide.

With this mouse you can even switch the cursor speeds in any game with three adjustable buttons on the top, insert small weights into the body of the mouse to alter momentum, and reprogram all the buttons. As far as wired and wireless mice are concerned, gamers tend to prefer wired mice over wireless, as the response time is quicker. But Microsoft has acknowledged that wired mice can be cumbersome, by adding a cable-stay in the form of a weighted box that renders the wire unnoticeable.

You might even find your mouse-mat feels less spacious once you use one of these on it. You might feel rather unusual at first, but you'll soon adapt to the shape and button action.

Your Complete Prescription Eyeglasses

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Looking for prescription eyeglasses? This Great Discovery: will definitely help you with very affordable eyeglasses. A stylish pair of prescription glasses is something you will definitely find here along with an awesome collection of frames that you will definitely like. You can find all kinds of frames like single vision lens, sun sensor (potochromic) lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens.


Amazon Kindle!!

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Check this out!! The whole new Amazon kindle which allows you to carry hundreds of titles in this little Amazon kindle instead of carrying all the pages that you need for the same information that is contained in the kindle!

The device comes with awesome looks, but a thing that you might not like is the black and white screen. The Amazon kindle is definitely a fantastic selection and can definitely be upgraded.

Apple iPod Touch 16Gb

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Apple is now out with the iPod Touch which is really awesome!! Trust me… I got my hand on one of these last week and it was great to use this piece. The iPod Touch is nothing but an iPhone without the phone.

The Safari web browser also lets you view websites from Wi-Fi hotspots. The Touch's built-in Wi-Fi puts the iTunes Store in your pocket. Now, you can have your favorites tracks injected into your player once you've docked it back home.

The iPod Touch lets you flick through your tracks, gawp at video and pinch-zoom photos, with no practice or manual consultation. The screen's got a tad more detail and better contrast as compared to the iPhone.

Happy New Year!!

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Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Happy New Year to all of you. First of all i want to apologize to all of you for not being able to update my blog for almost a month now since i was caught up with some other stuff. But now you will start seeing new gadgets which i am sure you will love to read about and probably like to own one too.