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Check out YawpBox which is a brand new video uploading site that I have seen in a long time. Has some entertaining content that you will definitely love since there are challenges that are issued by the hosts, Lex and Terry, and the challenges are very generic. There are a few interesting challenges like recreating movie scenes.

The Lex and Terry challenge is a "homework assignment" that users can participate in and make use of their talent. Some of the categories in the past included:

  • Yawp Extreme: Do The Most Extreme Thing & You Can Get On TV!
  • Put Me on YawpBox TV! Do Whatever You Can To Be A Star

There are lots more that you can check out which I am sure you will love them after watching them. I saw a few and I didn’t even realize that a couple of hours had passed. Some are just hilarious.

The challenges that are issue are the real entertainment. Every week they create a topic and a challenge that is open to anyone. It can be something like reenacting a favorite movie scene and filming it. You just follow the guidelines and share it. Some of the things the average person comes up with are amazing.


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LG’s PRADA KE850 is now out which is LG’s new touch screen technology which has a fancy silver leather case and earphones as well. The PRADA phone by LG also comes with a QWERTY keyboard which acts as an additional option when inputting text.

The Prada KE850 weighs 85g, is 12mm thick which is a bit thicker than the Apple iPhone and boasts an extra wide LCD for all that touchy-feely goodness. The screen offers a decent resolution of 400 x 240 pixels widescreen and the in-built 2MP camera can record video at 30fps. There’s no doubt it’s pretty but it’s not 3G and has no Internet capabilities which is fine for those that don’t want the world crammed into a single device.

Salon Grafix

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There was a time week when I had no time to wash my hair because I had so much of pending work and assignments and project to work on. That was the time I really wanted something like the dry shampoo that is used just by spraying it on your hair and then you just have to brush it out.

I remember this other instance where I was stuck at the airport and my flight was delayed due to bad weather. I had to really wash my hair because it was a real mess. That was the time where I wished I had some shampoo with me. Salon Grafix is now at our rescue at such situations because it has a color match formula for blondes, brunettes, the black shades and the silver shades. You will find that it brushes out very easily that leaves your hair clean and shiny.

Salon Grafix could be sprayed quickly and it easily cleans and revitalizes your hair. The best part is that it does all this without the help of water. This is something that will definitely help frequent travelers. It’s definitely a great idea to give Salon Grafix a shot if you are trying for a new look!!

Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse

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So, are you a hardcore PC gamer?? You will definitely love this Sidewinder mouse from Microsoft which has a resolution of up to 2000dpi and interchangeable teflon feet for a smoother glide.

With this mouse you can even switch the cursor speeds in any game with three adjustable buttons on the top, insert small weights into the body of the mouse to alter momentum, and reprogram all the buttons. As far as wired and wireless mice are concerned, gamers tend to prefer wired mice over wireless, as the response time is quicker. But Microsoft has acknowledged that wired mice can be cumbersome, by adding a cable-stay in the form of a weighted box that renders the wire unnoticeable.

You might even find your mouse-mat feels less spacious once you use one of these on it. You might feel rather unusual at first, but you'll soon adapt to the shape and button action.

Your Complete Prescription Eyeglasses

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Looking for prescription eyeglasses? This Great Discovery: www.ZenniOptical.com will definitely help you with very affordable eyeglasses. A stylish pair of prescription glasses is something you will definitely find here along with an awesome collection of frames that you will definitely like. You can find all kinds of frames like single vision lens, sun sensor (potochromic) lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens.


Amazon Kindle!!

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Check this out!! The whole new Amazon kindle which allows you to carry hundreds of titles in this little Amazon kindle instead of carrying all the pages that you need for the same information that is contained in the kindle!

The device comes with awesome looks, but a thing that you might not like is the black and white screen. The Amazon kindle is definitely a fantastic selection and can definitely be upgraded.

Apple iPod Touch 16Gb

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Apple is now out with the iPod Touch which is really awesome!! Trust me… I got my hand on one of these last week and it was great to use this piece. The iPod Touch is nothing but an iPhone without the phone.

The Safari web browser also lets you view websites from Wi-Fi hotspots. The Touch's built-in Wi-Fi puts the iTunes Store in your pocket. Now, you can have your favorites tracks injected into your player once you've docked it back home.

The iPod Touch lets you flick through your tracks, gawp at video and pinch-zoom photos, with no practice or manual consultation. The screen's got a tad more detail and better contrast as compared to the iPhone.

Happy New Year!!

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Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Happy New Year to all of you. First of all i want to apologize to all of you for not being able to update my blog for almost a month now since i was caught up with some other stuff. But now you will start seeing new gadgets which i am sure you will love to read about and probably like to own one too.