The Sony Ericsson concept

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Here is some seriously cool tech that could revolutionize the way we use mobiles. Sony Ericsson has got behind a project where we should be able to transfer files directly from the cell to the PC through a USB!

The other features of the HSDPA include a 5-meg camera and a meaty screen for watching movies. The make is slim and has the potential to be an absolute winner.

Guide to Killing Termite Infestations

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I had been to my cousin’s place for the holidays and he seemed to have a lot of problems with termites at his place. Luckily for him, I had just used termite exterminators in Jacksonville, FL to solve this problem at my apartment. I had termites all over my apartment and with the help of this website, I was able to solve this problem which I am sure should help a lot of people to overcome this problem.


The Adidas Predator Swerve

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Adidas has launched the Predator Swerve that is an all-new soccer clog. The boot is packing "SMART" foam on the strike zone, which Adidas claims gives your punts 3% more force and 8% more swerve than the previous Predator.

This new adidas Predator Swerve makes use of a technology which is stuffed in your boot which helps you put some extra swerve in your shot!! The foam also adapts to suit the way you boot the ball, delivering maximum velocity or shock absorption depending on your needs.

The PowerPulse insole has 40g of "Tungsten powder" which shifts weight in the sole to where you need it. And you can swap between two removeable insoles depending on your preferences.

Find the right cartridge...

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So you have been trying to find the right cartridge for your printer? Finding the right printer cartridge is now easy since the Cartridge Finder makes use of an interface that makes it fairly simple to figure out the kind of cartridge required for more than 10,000 different models of printers, copier and fax machines.

The Maya Single

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Are you stressed out after a long and hectic day and all you want to do now is to sit back and relax, right? Well, this one is perfect for that!!

The Maya Single is a sleek and stylish chair that comes with a 32-inch television that is angled in such a way that it gives you maximum relaxation. It comes with a pair of 60W speakers and a sub woofer. So all you need to do is to just sit back and enjoy the Maya’s magic!!

World Champion Poker Bot

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Teppo Salonen's BluffBot 2.0 is now the best No Limit Hold'Em poker bot in the world. In the competition held at the 22nd Conference on Artificial Intelligence in July 2007, BluffBot beat all 9 other competitors including University of Alberta and Carnegie Mellon University to mention a few. You can check out the BluffBot 2.0 - Strategies for Heads-Up No Limit Holdem that also offers a free newsletter teaching readers how to play heads-up No Limit Holdem..

Logitech's QuickCam!

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You want to upload a video file onto the youtube, but you are too lazy to complete the whole procedure of uploading the file from your camera onto your computer, then uploading it onto youtube? Well, QuickCam is out with the one touch uploading!!

Logitech is weighing in with the latest software for their QuickCam. This new update uploads the video onto youtube with the help of a youtube button on the QuickCapture interface.

The Mist... must watch!!

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Stephen King has made some awesome movies in the past and here he is again with his upcoming release of the next thriller.

My favorite Stephen King movie is Dolores Claiborne. I watched the movie and fell in love with the plot immediately. The books are almost always better than the movies, thats the reason why i read the novel after watching the movie. Well, Dolores Claiborne was about a young girl who goes home to a place that is totally new to her when her mother is accused of murder. There are many secrets, and many reasons why this young lady wants to settle the matter and get back to her life as soon as possible. There is a detective who is working on the case and is very interested in learning how the young girl's father died several years earlier, and as the movie goes on, the detective finds something that the daughter would like to keep closed and hidden forever.

Getting back to the latest movie by Stephen King which is The Mist, which is about a man and his young son who are trapped in a local grocery store. To see the trailer, all you need to do is to check out the The Mist by Stephen King


You don't need a charger!!

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You will not have to charge your Bluetooth headset again!! Well, the Iqua 603 SUN is a earbud-style headset, complete with a world first - a solar panel to keep it juiced up, as long as the sun's shining that is. It'll stay working for 200 hours without the sun or will let you talk for up to nine hours. The headset comes with a one button control call function such as:

  • answering
  • ending
  • redialing a call
  • the voice dialing function which switches a call between the phone and the headset.

Chocolate Pie!!!

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My family just can’t resist the sweet and the awesome taste of the chocolate pie. Here is the list of ingredients required and the method to make it.

Chocolate Pie:

2 slices enriched white bread, toasted and made into crumbs
1 env. unflavored gelatin
Artificial sweetener to equal 6 tsp. sugar, divided
1/4 tsp. salt, divided
2 med. eggs, separated
2 c. skim milk
1 tbsp. chocolate extract
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 tsp. imitation butter flavoring
Green and red food coloring

Press crumbs on bottom and sides of 8 inch pie pan. Bake at 350 degrees, 10 minutes, until browned. Cool. Combine gelatin, sweetener to equal 4 teaspoons sugar, mix with milk. Add yolk mixture to gelatin mixture. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until gelatin is dissolved. Remove from heat. Stir in extracts, butter flavoring, and food coloring to make mixture chocolate brown. Cool, stirring occasionally. Spoon into crust. Chill until set. Beat egg whites until frothy. Add remaining sweetener and remaining salt. Beat until mixture stands in peaks. Spoon on pie in 4 equal mounds. Broil until meringue is lightly browned. Serve at once or well chilled. Makes 2 servings.

We used to initially do the recipe by hand until we found out how useful the Hamilton Beach® Stand Mixer or the Hamilton Beach® Mixer. These products will make your life so much easier when mixing together all the ingredients to make this amazing chocolate pie. I’m sure the Eclectrics® Mixer will help you make your favorite recipe much quicker and better and the mixer can be bought in various colors: Sugar (white), Ultra Marine, Apple, Pineapple, Sterling and Licore.


Artificial Cornea

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Technology has made the future worth looking forward to due to its rapid advancements. The blind now have a ray of hope due to the artificial cornea that may well be the key to restoring sight for our people with damaged corneas.

The artificial corneas are based on a commercially available polymer which absorbs no water and allows no cells to grow on it. Once the polymers have been shaped, then the next step would be to coat the implants. Masks lie on them and then a special protein will be applied to the edge of the cornea, which the cells of the natural cornea can latch onto. In this way, the cornea implant can firmly connect with the natural part of the cornea, while the center remains free of cells and therefore clear.

The first implants have already been tested in rabbits’ eyes with promising results. If further tests are successful, the technology will be tried on humans in 2008.

Alzheimer's Awareness Month

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November has arrived and this is the Alzheimer’s Awareness month. This is a time for reflecting on the progress in tackling this, as yet, incurable disease. It's also a time for remembering the countless thousands of caregivers who ask for so very little yet give so much in caring for patients or loved ones. Worldwide it is estimated that about 16 million people have Alzheimer's disease, 4.5 million of them are Americans. For every person with Alzheimer's there is often at least one other person who directly cares for them and a host of health care & social workers, advocates, volunteers and support workers in the background. With so many people directly or indirectly affected by Alzheimer's it is good that a time of year is set aside to promote awareness. A holiday gift would be a great way to contribute.

National Memory Screening Day is a collaborative effort spearheaded by the Alzheimer's Foundation of America to promote early detection of Alzheimer's disease and related illnesses, and to encourage appropriate intervention.

AFA carries out this event in collaboration with organizations and healthcare professionals across the U.S.—bringing them together for care. Participating sites offer free confidential memory screenings, as well as follow up resources and educational materials to those concerned about memory loss. Together, we hope to improve quality of life.

It is not known what causes Alzheimer's disease and at present there is no cure. But there is hope and help for those people with Alzheimer's. Research into the disease is offering answers to many questions. The pooling of knowledge, the increasing amounts of international funding will one day provide us with the cause, with better ways of treating Alzheimer's and will hopefully provide a cure for Alzheimer's.Until that day this site pays tribute to all the people who have Alzheimer's disease, to all those who strive to make the lives of people with Alzheimer's better.

Sony Ericsson's K series

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Sony Ericsson is out with their all new K660, which is pointed straight at web-loving on the go types.

Well here it's all about how you surf the web, not just what you use to do it. The phone is called 'web-optimised'. The way it works is that an in-built accelerometer that lets you switch to landscape browsing and there are tons of shortcut keys to make your Facebook or MySpace tinkering even easier.

The ever-reliable Google Maps can be used and what makes it more reliable is the use of a standard 2-meg peeper for taking snaps in case all that browsing gets too much.

Dentemp OS

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Have you ever lost a filling? The pain is terrible!! With the pain, there is nothing much you can do… can’t speak much and more importantly not really able to eat! Now with Dentemp OS you will have no problems.

Recently, I had chomped down on a filling that had been pulled out while I was eating and the pain was unbearable. Now I had to get the filling out of my mouth which was even worse. Finally, I had to spit out my filling in the bathroom. The pain was terrible and at that point I needed a temporary dental repair provided by Dentemp OS. All I had to do was to apply the no-mess repair material and you are all set. The pain disappears as your sensitive nerves are once again protected. Within 60 minutes after Dentemp OS sets you can even eat on it.

This material is FDA approved for oral care and One vial of Dentemp OS contains six easy applications. This dental cement will mean that you never again have to suffer the pain or embarassment of a lost filling or dental cap again. Our teeth are tough, strong and seem to be some of the most durable parts of our body, but then again when something goes wrong, nothing can hurt as much as a toothache. It’s amazing how the simplest thing such as a stream of cool air can cause unbearable pain when the nerve of a tooth is exposed such as when you loose a filling


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Don’t feel safe while surfing the web?? The stealsurfer lets your anonymous surfing keep web bookmarks, internet history, cache, and email off the computer and with you for convenience, privacy, and security.

The new and improved StealthSurfer has all the network security tools to make sure nobody finds out what you're getting into. In case anyone is packet sniffing you, they can’t pin it on your comp. The StealthSurfer includes Firefox, Thunderbird, and Roboform and also comes with a 4 year subscription to the Hushmail web-based email client.

Top USA Online Casinos

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Have you not been able to choose the right online casino site? Welll, here is a site that provides information regarding the top USA online casinos,, specially for US players!! The website gives you information about Best Online Casinos. This site gives rating to different online poker sites

The top us online casinos is clean and the design makes it very comfortable for the user to easily find the best casino that matches his requirements. The site is very easy to use and extremely user friendly. When time is of the essence and maximizing return on your little investment is very important, a site like this can definitely help in saving a lot of time. The reviews also give you an idea what customer service is like and also what to expect once you are there. This is a perfect site for all you casino lovers which comes with awesome reviews about the poker sites that you are looking for!!

A chair for all...

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The Renegade Gaming Chair is not just a gaming chair for the kids, but it comes with lots of other features which makes this model available to people of all age groups. Here are some of the features of the Renegade Gaming Chair:

  • Game synched with vibration motors
  • 3D speakers on the headrest
  • Lighting effects
  • Massaging chair
The chair is USB compatible with Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, PC and iPod.


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Have you been denied for a warranty claim for the flooring you purchased online? Well, iFLOOR is offering a $1,000,000 warranty to protect customers from manufacturers who deny warranty claims for flooring purchased online. Due to the growing number of warranty claims being denied for online buyers, iFLOOR is adding up to $1,000,000 of warranty protection for all customers. Here is some important information about iFloor:

Press Release:

iFLOOR, America's largest online flooring retailer, today announced a $1,000,000 limited warranty designed to protect its customers from predatory manufacturer policies that exclude warranty coverage from online purchases.

The policy, which goes into effect immediately, offers up to one million dollars of coverage in the event that a customer's warranty claim is denied specifically because they made their purchase online. It is complimentary for every iFLOOR customer, and protects the buyer under the same terms as the original product warranty.

iFLOOR, Inc. CEO, Steve Simonson, came up with the program to combat "scare tactics" used by manufacturers of hardwood floors and laminate flooring. "Their idea is to discourage you from buying at a discount!" wrote Simonson in his blog "It's About Flooring". "This is not right! You deserve to save money! So we're going to take care of this problem once and for all."

And it would appear that federal law is on his side. Section 108 of the 1975 Magnuson-Moss Act, states that, "In general, tie-in sales provisions are not allowed. Such a provision would require a purchaser of the warranted product to buy an item or service from a particular company to use with the warranted product in order to be eligible to receive a remedy under the warranty."

Under iFLOOR's new warranty, a key provision allows for iFLOOR to "seek justice" on behalf of the customer in the event of legal action. According to Simonson, "I'm putting iFLOOR's money where my mouth is."

About iFLOOR, Inc.
Since 1998, has been the leading online and retail flooring company, with 36 local retail stores nationwide offering more than 70,000 products, including hardwood floors, laminate flooring, bamboo flooring and cork floors. is the largest online flooring retailer according to Internet Retailer Magazine, and was named by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States for the past three years. Committed to quality customer service, superior selection and friendly expert advice, enables customers to buy flooring both online and in its retail stores at a substantial savings over traditional retailers. For more information about iFLOOR, please visit


The Ambient Forecasting Umbrella

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Have you ever thought of getting an umbrella that can forecast the weather for you? Yep, that’s right, the Ambient Forecasting Umbrella hits up to fetch the day's forecast, which then gets converted into a small light show on the handle. If you're leaving the office and aren't sure if you should drag the umbrella along with you, just look at the handle and you'll know what to do.

Save Buckets

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As the nation approaches the final countdown to Christmas, here is a research done by a new price comparison site that has something interesting to do with Christmas spending and debt. The site reveals that as the preparation begins for this Christmas, many are still paying off last year’s festive spending. launches to save Brits up to 20% this Christmas. Here is some more information:


- New price saving site launches to save Brits up to 20% this Christmas -

As the nation approaches the final countdown to Christmas, new research rings alarm bells over the financial impact of Christmas in credit crunch Britain. The research from the new money saving website reveals that as Brits prepare for Christmas, many are still paying off last year’s festive spending.

With 41 per cent of Britons paying for Christmas on credit last year, almost one in five are still paying for last year’s festivities (17%), fewer than one in three having cleared their Christmas debts when their January credit card bill arrived (29%).

Following a year of consumer confidence in 2006, Christmas spending soared 52 per cent in two years (from an average £548 per adult in 2004* to £837 per adult in 2006), with over one in five Brits spending over £1,000 on Christmas last year (22%). This year, with spending power at its lowest level for 10 years**, consumers are feeling the financial hangover from a more confident Christmas enjoyed on the credit card and loans.

Alarmingly, it is cash strapped youngsters and low income earners who, having spent the most on last Christmas, are most likely to be feeling the repercussions of last year’s spending spree (see figures below).

The research into the financial impacts of last Christmas amongst a GB representative sample of 2,000 British adults was carried out by the new money savings website which launches this week to enable Brits to get more for their money this Christmas.

With these alarming figures in mind, will give shoppers the opportunity to save up to 20% on their Christmas shopping. Putting consumers back in control of their spending, the site searches over 700 retailers for the best price on around one million products. The site includes a unique price checker which allows consumers to set the price they want to pay for items, notifying them when the price of a product falls to within their budget.


Avurt IM-5

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Personal safety is now in your hands. You needn’t know martial arts or anything of that sort… all you need is the Avurt IM-5 launcher is a non-lethal self-defense launcher.

The Avurt uses compressed nitrogen, to deploy five Live* or Practice Rounds semi-automatically up to 40 feet. The Live Rounds break open on impact and disperse a cloud of potent PAVA powder, which is significantly stronger than pepper spray.

Advanced Features:

  • Small non-gun design
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Available in four designer colors (Black, Blue, Pink and Red)
  • 40 ft. range
  • Comes with 10 Practice Rounds
  • Non-lethal