Sony PSP gets Sky

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Now Sony has come up with a new way to come up with a new way to get video onto your PSP. Now for those of you who do not know what a PSP is... It's the Sony Playstation Portable which comes with:

  • Its own UMD movie format
  • It has a 4.3" color screen
  • It also has a pile of freebie online content
  • Lastly, this is only the best portable gaming machine ever!!!!
Now, sony has announced to bring Sky TV to the portable's widescreen. We can expect a mix of sport and TV shows which includes LOST, WEEDS, BONES and also Sky Box Office Movies.

Users will be able to download shows using its WiFi powers or by simply using their PC and transferring them with a USB. So finally you will get proper telly on your lovely sony screen.

Sony Ericsson's smartphone - P1

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Sony Ericsson has come out with the new P1 monster mobile. The P1 has 25% more battery as compared to the P990. Well, P1 is a device that offers flexible ways to work:

  • Dual function keyboard
  • Choice of text input method including handwriting and word completion
  • Integrated WLAN and VoIP enabled
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with business card scanner
  • Large 2.6" touchscreen with a Transflective Display
There is also support for all types of push mail, so if you're a Blackberry Connect or ActiveSync type, you'll have no trouble getting your messages. A 512MB memory stick and a 4GB card will help you store all your tunes and pictures which you will be taking using the 3.2 megapixel camera. The best part is that there is a PC style task manager. It'll even take information from all those business cards that you've piled up, just take a snap and it'll process the lot!!

Yamaha's super-player

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You work out everyday at the gym but your gym master troubles you all the time?? Feel like punching him on the face but can't cause a punch back will never let you get up again?? Well, here's an alternative... The New Yamaha super-player that spits out songs to spurn on your fat burn which will help you tune your workout.

You just need to strap the Yamaha Bodibeat to your arm and start sprinting. This is an MP3 player that'll match the rhythm of you r movements to the music that it pumps to your ears. Bodibeat can pick a song and challenge you to match the pace too!! Thanks to the in-ear sensor, the Bodibeat knows the heart rate which keeps a watch over your movements.

The Bodibeat will keep playing music with a tempo optimum for your workout and has definitely gone one up on the Nike+iPod kit that knows only your pace and can't do as good as the Bodibeat!

Logitech.. Amazing.

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Logitech has introduced the new VX Nano Cordless Laser mouse. This notebook mouse is the world's smallest notebook mouse USB receiver. So if you decide to unplug your receiver, there's a handy storage space for it inside the mouse itself.

As far as the scrolling is concerned, you have two scrolling modes, your normal and your hyper-fast and above this you have the OneTouch search button to pin down search engine results.

The mouse has powerful controls that lets you fly through large documents at hyper-speed, or navigate lists, slides, and image collections with click-to-click precision. You can zoom in and out of documents and photos with fingertip ease.

Check out the main features:

  • Hyper-fast scrolling
  • Touch to Search : one click access to your favorite search engine.
  • Natural position : Sculpted and ergonomic design
  • Feel at ease : Get a better grip with textured rubber sides.
  • Convenient Controls : Do more with the mouse and less with the keyboard.
  • Advanced Laser Engine : Experience extreme accuracy
  • Click-to-click Scrolling : Click-to-click navigation of lists, slides and image collections
  • High-resolution zoom
  • Storage Micro-Receiver : Stores inside the mouse.
  • 2.4 GHz Digital Cordless : Delivers reliable operation in busy wireless environments
  • Battery level Meter : 4-stage indicator provides plenty of warning.

JVC's 3CCD Hi-Def HDD Camcorder

Posted: Sunday, July 22, 2007 by Abhishek Krishnan in

For all you camera lovers, JVC has just announced the launch of a new high definition camcorder that fits in the palm of the hand!!

Check out the main features of this awesome looking piece:

  • 3-CCD camera system for 1440x1080 HD recording
  • Built-in 60 GB HDD for 7 hours of recording.
  • Compact body
  • Simple controls
  • PC-less archiving using exclusive DVD burner
The JVC HD Everio GZ-HD3 will be available in early September in the United States.

Wireless Radio!

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Check out this awesome Morphy Richards Internet radio which allows us to browse radio stations from around the world. This model offers access to the radio station of your choice as well as accessing the MP3 tracks on your PC for playback through the radio.

There are thousands of internet radio station available. You can pick up radio stations from all over the world in any language therefore gives a lot of variety.

It connects to your Wi-Fi network and then all you have to do is just dial into your favorite station which can be done either continent, country and name or by genre. You will obviously be able to set your favorites and you can also pause and record your favorite radio shows as well. You can also use it as an alarm clock if you feel like.

Grundig's GUPSW5000 wireless speakers!!

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Fed up with the rain spoiling your party each time you keep an outdoor party cause you are not able to play your favorite music??

Check out this wireless surround-sound outdoor speaker that is waterproof. The Grundig's GUPSW5000, outdoor speaker works wirelessly so you can keep it anywhere outside. All you need is the transmitter for your stereo and you will get tunes up to 50m away.

So, you just need to attach the transmitter to any hi-fi system, MP3 player or any other device with a line out cable and it will start pumping out your tunes. The power can either be supplied via an AC adapter into the mains or if you want it to be wireless then the eight D batteries can help you.

The GUPSW5000 boasts 20 watts RMS of sound which should be adequate for music for an outdoor party. This piece also comes with a built-in light designed for use in the dark.

Nokia N77 TV phone

Posted: Monday, July 16, 2007 by Abhishek Krishnan in

Finally the Nokia N77 TV phone has been launched in India. So now you can watch live TV on your personal mobile device. Here are the features of this "TV":

  • A wide 2.4" flat screen
  • Upto 16 million colors
  • High stereo sound
  • Ability to remember the last channel viewed
  • Capable of setting reminders and alerts for particular programs
  • Allows you to view replays
The TV phone will obviously have other standard features like:
  • 2GB internal memory
  • MP3 player
  • A 2 megapixel camera
  • E mail access
  • EDGE
  • Bluetooth with A2DP
  • A USB pop-port
  • A stereo FM radio
Grab one of your TV phones today!!!

iriver S7

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You might confuse the iriver S7 to be a matchbox!! Thats right!! Thats the size of the new iriver S7.

What is the iriver S7?
The iriver S7 is an extremely simple looking mp3 player which looks like a little block which can hold upto 1GB of songs with just 3 tiny buttons on the surface. These are the things that this little block contains:

  • On top of the player is where the earphone/USB connector socket is.
  • On the other side of the player is a single switch that works as the power switch and music FM radio.
  • The other side of the player is where the SRS button is located. The SRS button helps you to adjust the levels in sound output.
  • The other button is for the Playmode which allows you to switch between the player selecting random tracks.
  • The iriver S7 has a storage capacity of 1GB and an FM radio.
  • The music output is loud and clear.
  • The earphones and strap are ergonomically designed.
  • The iriver quickly connects to your PC where you can copy paste files and organize your files and also save the radio stations as presets.


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Your roommate wakes you up with his alarm ringing every morning ??? Well then you may have to consider gifting your roommate the alarm-ring!!!

What is the alarm-ring?
Right now this is just a concept but hopefully you will see these things in stores soon!!

The Concept
So, you may ask, what exactly is an alarm-ring?? Well, "Ring" sports, an alarm clock dock with two times and a pair of wearable hoops which enables you and your partner to wake up at different times. So, basically you set the time at night and once its time, your ring starts buzzing which wakes you up in the process!!

Wii Fit

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Ninty's latest awesome addition is the Wii Fit which is sure to give you more of a work out than a game of tennis!!! The game basically comes with a balance board which will work out your exact weight distribution and even the Body Mass Index.

So you just have to stand and then you can get down to strenuous balancing exercises, perfect push-ups and even yoga!! Bored of doing any of these things?? Well, i
n that case there are a few mini games that are available which allows you to keep toned and fit.

iPod Digital Drumsticks

Posted: Thursday, July 12, 2007 by Abhishek Krishnan in

You always wanted to play drums, but never really wanted to buy the set cause it was too big for your room?? Not to worry cause with the iPod Digital Drumsticks you can tap along with all your favorite songs.

Whats required?
The only things required for you to start rocking are:

  • The digital drumsticks
  • iPod or similar music device using the included cable
How it works:
The drumsticks are motion activated and have buttons that give you the power to play different combinations of drum effects. This can also be played without being accompanied with music by using one of the six included background rhythms.

Other Features:
The iPod digital drumsticks have an audio output cable which allows you to connect to a stereo system and let everyone hear you drumming!! Just in case you do not feel like disturbing your neighbors, you can connect to headphones.

Honda's Hydrogen-powered FCX

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Check out the Honda's FCX concept car that runs on Hydrogen. The only emission that is pumped is water which is pure enough to drink. These are the features of this beauty:

  • It's mostly glass and fibre which makes it super light
  • The fancy speedometer tells you how much hydrogen you're using and how much energy you're saving as you brake.
  • There is absolutely no noise when this engine is on!!
Well, Honda found a way to even re-juice the machine by crafting a high-tech fuelling station that'll create car-friendly hydrogen from your bog-standard gas supply. The honda's FCX will hit the American roads in limited numbers only next year and will hit the British roads within the next eight years as soon as they've got fuelling stations in place.

An off-topic sponsored review - MegaMeeting

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Are you finding it difficult to conduct meetings with clients and your employees? Well, you must check out the MegaMeeting online web conferencing.

Basically, MegaMeeting is a browser based video conferencing software which requires no downloading, installing or configuration of any kind of software. All you need is:

  • an internet browser
  • a broadband internet connection
  • a web camera or a digital video camera

MegaMeeting is a multipoint online conferencing and upto 16 individuals can be seen at the same time. The Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows participants to talk and hear one another using standard microphones and headsets.

Enertia Bike

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Have you been feeling guilty about the carbon that your bike emits out each time you go for a ride?? Check out the Enertia Bike that Brammo Sports are lining up to release.
Speed and Design
You can get it upto 50 mph. Its got a range of 45 miles and the best part is that you get it back to full power in just three hours. As far as the design of this bike is concerned, every part of the Enertia was designed with the rider in mind. It is simple and elegant that looks good sitting. The bike is not too big, not too small and the seat sits at an inviting accessible height for a wide range of body types.
Technology and Battery
The Enertia reperesents what is achievable with the beauty of modern technology. The enertia benefits from an ultra light, ultra stiff carbon fiber chassis that doubles as the motocycle's battery carriage. The enertia uses a six Lithium Phosphate battery modules built by Valence Technologies Inc. in Austin, Texas.

KEF's wireless home cinema

Posted: Monday, July 9, 2007 by Abhishek Krishnan in

Fed up with cables running around your house and taking away all the fun from your home cinema??

Check out the KEF's new wireless speaker system. A transmitter and a couple of receivers which will help you listen to the tracks through these impressive blasters. The speaker cables goes into the transmitter and the receivers into the speakers which will help you get all the home cinema action minus the wires.

ViviCam 6200W

Posted: Sunday, July 8, 2007 by Abhishek Krishnan in

Plan to go underwater and capture the best action possible? Check out this new water-proof camera from Vivitar which will definitely allow you to capture all the underwater action.
This camera is water-proof down to 10 metres and has the following specifications:

  • 6.0 Megapixel
  • Rubber Armored
  • Waterproof upto 30 feet
  • 16 MB Built-in Memory
  • Supports SD cards to 1 GB
  • PictBridge support
  • Flash - Built-in Multimode
The ViviCam 6200W is definitely better at holding its breath than you can!!