SEIKO’s e-ink display watch

Posted: Tuesday, April 6, 2010 by Abhishek Krishnan in

Seiko, the Japanese watch company, is making watches with e-ink displays. So what exactly is the e-ink technology?

Well, this technology that comes with an active matrix display — the same type of screen technology behind your typical LCD panel. Using active matrix, all of the legibility and low-power consumption benefits of e-ink are combined with a much richer range of imagery and data display. The “Future Now” watch renders 80,000 pixels in four shades of gray, providing 300 dpi resolutions for intensely sharp and clear images even within the restricted dimensions of a wristwatch screen. The unique electronic paper display module in this Seiko watch is the result of a joint development effort, bringing together E Ink's 'electronic ink' technology and Seiko Epson's advanced display manufacturing and electronic circuitry techniques. When combined, these technologies offer a wide range of display design possibilities - including flexibility!