Dentemp OS

Posted: Wednesday, November 7, 2007 by Abhishek Krishnan in

Have you ever lost a filling? The pain is terrible!! With the pain, there is nothing much you can do… can’t speak much and more importantly not really able to eat! Now with Dentemp OS you will have no problems.

Recently, I had chomped down on a filling that had been pulled out while I was eating and the pain was unbearable. Now I had to get the filling out of my mouth which was even worse. Finally, I had to spit out my filling in the bathroom. The pain was terrible and at that point I needed a temporary dental repair provided by Dentemp OS. All I had to do was to apply the no-mess repair material and you are all set. The pain disappears as your sensitive nerves are once again protected. Within 60 minutes after Dentemp OS sets you can even eat on it.

This material is FDA approved for oral care and One vial of Dentemp OS contains six easy applications. This dental cement will mean that you never again have to suffer the pain or embarassment of a lost filling or dental cap again. Our teeth are tough, strong and seem to be some of the most durable parts of our body, but then again when something goes wrong, nothing can hurt as much as a toothache. It’s amazing how the simplest thing such as a stream of cool air can cause unbearable pain when the nerve of a tooth is exposed such as when you loose a filling