Amazon Kindle!!

Posted: Thursday, January 10, 2008 by Abhishek Krishnan in

Check this out!! The whole new Amazon kindle which allows you to carry hundreds of titles in this little Amazon kindle instead of carrying all the pages that you need for the same information that is contained in the kindle!

The device comes with awesome looks, but a thing that you might not like is the black and white screen. The Amazon kindle is definitely a fantastic selection and can definitely be upgraded.


  1. But the black and white screen is one of the best features. Does the text in competing paper books show up in color? Of course not, and neither does the Kindle. I find the text on my Kindle is very easy to read, and don't miss color at all. And the e-ink screen technology is fantastic -- doesn't use any electricity to hold a page unless you change to a new page.

  1. The Kindle is definitely an awesome gadget... but the next version of the Kindle will beat this one by a margin. Will take a while though.. Didnt know about the e-link screen technology. Thanks for that.