Hottest Gadget - The Apple iPhone

Posted: Tuesday, June 26, 2007 by Abhishek Krishnan in

I had no option but to talk about the “hottest gadget” – The Apple iphone. Everyone is eagerly waiting to see how the iphone will leave its historical mark after Friday’s launch as there is a lot of hype about this gadget.

The iphone has already shown the market that not just the body or the outward beauty of the handset counts, but what is inside is what is most important.

The all-touch-screen device, which lacks a button keyboard, will force users to get accustomed to typing messages on a virtual keyboard instead of regular buttons. The gadget triples as a cell-phone, iPod media player and a wireless web device.

There is nobody who doesn’t know about this product which hasn’t been launched yet. While some of them want to be the first to own the Apple iPhone and others fell that apple is packing too much into a phone and do not want to be an early adopter of this untested product!!

The ultimate question is whether the gadget will be as revolutionary as Apple claims it to be? Well, we will have to wait and watch as to what happens.


  1. hi, watch out the new cool video "ipod. A guided Tour" in It is going to be released this friday i.e june 29th...........i m waiting for that awesome piece of technology

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