Posted: Friday, June 15, 2007 by Abhishek Krishnan in

Want to check up the meaning of a word on the internet but too lazy to do so cause it involves too much of work to do? Well, Nokia is at your rescue since it has come up with a small program called the widgets that'll run on any Java-capable handset, which allows the user to keep their favorites on the desktop of your phone.

Desktop extras on our phone which are little applications tha pluck relevant information from the internet so you don't have to scour a website, and now they're on your phone!

Like their desktop equivalent you can choose what information is pulled to your mobile, and keep on top of news, e-mail, weather - anything you like!

Check it out at www.WidSets.com


  1. sounds nice to me. i´ll also put a link to your blog on mine so my visitors will possibly be yours.
    nice blog by the way - many interesting things i didn´t know yet.