Opto Mouse

Posted: Tuesday, June 12, 2007 by Abhishek Krishnan in

Beat this!!

The world’s first Opto Mouse which is a Taiwan-based optical technology. The optical technology uses an Opto Mouse which is an optical sensor to replace the wheel, and also features a comfortable touch scroll panel. The advantage is that it allows for a multi-directional scrolling, and is easier to use than the traditional mechanical wheel.

Traveler 355 Laser uses advanced laser technology that makes this mouse work reliably on most types of surfaces, and offers much higher tracking power than regular optical mice.

This is the world's first mouse featuring this technology, only one of its kind which goes best along with a PC or notebook because of its unique, creative features and style. By moving the OptoWheel slightly, the 'turbo-scrolling' function starts. With this, the mouse can scroll forward or backward on Web sites or documents with rapid speed (up to one hundred pages per second). The "turbo-scrolling" stops by simply pressing the OptoWheel.

This mouse is available from Transtek Infoways and Tirupati Enterprises for a MRP of Rs 1,899.