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Posted: Sunday, June 24, 2007 by Abhishek Krishnan in

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  1. Hamrash says:

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  1. Black Cat says:

    I have added your link. Pls link back to me as "Cats"

  1. Gadget says:

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  1. prethi says:
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  1. prethi says:

    hiii...Can i know ur chat id on yahoo 2 discuss on linking up our blogs??

  1. Suray says:

    Bloggerwave is the worst thing in my life!! Trust me every bloggers all over the world!! The program is suck!! Since the first time I was entering this program until now!! I haven’t been making any money!! This is not make any sense. I’ve finished 3 opportunities, “Bloggerwave”, “Masterseek”, and “Coke Zero” reviews. All of them had approved by Bloggerwave. Later on, my first opportunity “Bloggerwave” is cancelled, then “Masterseek”. I am very confuse, posts that have approved by Bloggerwave can be canceled by them. Be wave with Bloggerwave, this is a new SCAM!! You can check it out at my blog, with those keywords at “review” category.

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    Guys!! All of you should beware, don't say that no body care about the real reality of this new scam program!! I have already warn you!!