Yamaha's super-player

Posted: Thursday, July 26, 2007 by Abhishek Krishnan in

You work out everyday at the gym but your gym master troubles you all the time?? Feel like punching him on the face but can't cause a punch back will never let you get up again?? Well, here's an alternative... The New Yamaha super-player that spits out songs to spurn on your fat burn which will help you tune your workout.

You just need to strap the Yamaha Bodibeat to your arm and start sprinting. This is an MP3 player that'll match the rhythm of you r movements to the music that it pumps to your ears. Bodibeat can pick a song and challenge you to match the pace too!! Thanks to the in-ear sensor, the Bodibeat knows the heart rate which keeps a watch over your movements.

The Bodibeat will keep playing music with a tempo optimum for your workout and has definitely gone one up on the Nike+iPod kit that knows only your pace and can't do as good as the Bodibeat!


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