Enertia Bike

Posted: Tuesday, July 10, 2007 by Abhishek Krishnan in

Have you been feeling guilty about the carbon that your bike emits out each time you go for a ride?? Check out the Enertia Bike that Brammo Sports are lining up to release.
Speed and Design
You can get it upto 50 mph. Its got a range of 45 miles and the best part is that you get it back to full power in just three hours. As far as the design of this bike is concerned, every part of the Enertia was designed with the rider in mind. It is simple and elegant that looks good sitting. The bike is not too big, not too small and the seat sits at an inviting accessible height for a wide range of body types.
Technology and Battery
The Enertia reperesents what is achievable with the beauty of modern technology. The enertia benefits from an ultra light, ultra stiff carbon fiber chassis that doubles as the motocycle's battery carriage. The enertia uses a six Lithium Phosphate battery modules built by Valence Technologies Inc. in Austin, Texas.