iPod Digital Drumsticks

Posted: Thursday, July 12, 2007 by Abhishek Krishnan in

You always wanted to play drums, but never really wanted to buy the set cause it was too big for your room?? Not to worry cause with the iPod Digital Drumsticks you can tap along with all your favorite songs.

Whats required?
The only things required for you to start rocking are:

  • The digital drumsticks
  • iPod or similar music device using the included cable
How it works:
The drumsticks are motion activated and have buttons that give you the power to play different combinations of drum effects. This can also be played without being accompanied with music by using one of the six included background rhythms.

Other Features:
The iPod digital drumsticks have an audio output cable which allows you to connect to a stereo system and let everyone hear you drumming!! Just in case you do not feel like disturbing your neighbors, you can connect to headphones.


  1. cine says:

    mmm...looks interesting...:)