Grundig's GUPSW5000 wireless speakers!!

Posted: Tuesday, July 17, 2007 by Abhishek Krishnan in

Fed up with the rain spoiling your party each time you keep an outdoor party cause you are not able to play your favorite music??

Check out this wireless surround-sound outdoor speaker that is waterproof. The Grundig's GUPSW5000, outdoor speaker works wirelessly so you can keep it anywhere outside. All you need is the transmitter for your stereo and you will get tunes up to 50m away.

So, you just need to attach the transmitter to any hi-fi system, MP3 player or any other device with a line out cable and it will start pumping out your tunes. The power can either be supplied via an AC adapter into the mains or if you want it to be wireless then the eight D batteries can help you.

The GUPSW5000 boasts 20 watts RMS of sound which should be adequate for music for an outdoor party. This piece also comes with a built-in light designed for use in the dark.


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