Sony PSP gets Sky

Posted: Tuesday, July 31, 2007 by Abhishek Krishnan in

Now Sony has come up with a new way to come up with a new way to get video onto your PSP. Now for those of you who do not know what a PSP is... It's the Sony Playstation Portable which comes with:

  • Its own UMD movie format
  • It has a 4.3" color screen
  • It also has a pile of freebie online content
  • Lastly, this is only the best portable gaming machine ever!!!!
Now, sony has announced to bring Sky TV to the portable's widescreen. We can expect a mix of sport and TV shows which includes LOST, WEEDS, BONES and also Sky Box Office Movies.

Users will be able to download shows using its WiFi powers or by simply using their PC and transferring them with a USB. So finally you will get proper telly on your lovely sony screen.